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Delivery of Brent Flare
The remote flare structure was an articulated buoyant tower with a gravity base at a depth of 138 metres. The structure had a triangular steel truss framework up to the flare tip 56 metres above mean sea level, giving it a total length of 194 metres. The structure was vertically supported by a 9.8-metre-diameter, 9.7-metre-long cylindrical buoyancy chamber situated 121 metres above the seabed. The flare contained 1,025 tonnes of steel and 650 tonnes of concrete ballast at the base.
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Flare in dock awaiting demolition.

The 2005 Brent flare decommissioning project


1. Removal of all marine growth and clean up of dock prior to other work commencing.


2. Cutting of main legs and bracings to create buffer zones around the area where the nodes will be removed for testing by Aker Solutions.


3. Cutting of flare structure lattice from the buffer zone down to the base using a mobile shear.


4. Removal of auxiliary tanks on the base section of the flare.


5. Cutting of the triangular concrete ballast section into 100 tonne sections.


6. Reduction of 100 tonne concrete sections to the size required for re-use or disposal by hydraulic hammer.


7. Removal and break-up of concrete sections between bays in the base using diamond wire and hydraulic hammers.


8. Cutting of upper section of the flare following removal of the nodes.

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